Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Modern On The Southside

There isn't a development in St. Louis that doesn't catch my attention, but a new project planned for South St. Louis has leapt out at me. It is to be known as Val Place and is located at Virginia, Alabama, and Delor in Dutchtown South. Millennium Restoration & Development is the developer. The site will contain twenty, three story townhouses starting at $180,000.

There is nothing special about what I just described, but some aldermen and developers need to pay attention to what will follow. First off, this is what we call an urban design. Notice no driveways in the front. The garages are in the rear off of an alley, and the front is oriented to the street and sidewalk. The site plan also calls for density. What a novel idea. Not everything has to be single family with large yards. The design is also rather modern for St. Louis infill. While I agree that many so called modern designs are really not that great, I really like this particular design. Looks like a good use of siding, stucco, glass, and probably concrete. Nice to see a design that doesn't try to hide vinyl with an awkward brick front. The balconies also add a nice touch, and the large one off the kitchens should make a nice area to sit and enjoy a nice evening talking to the neighbors.

Overall, Millennium has done a good job with an odd site.


Rick Bonasch said...

Credit Debbie Irwin and the Dutchtown South Community Corporation for seeing this through the tough pre-development phase.

Joe said...

Debbie is a great, amazing person to have at the helm of DSCC! I've know her since UMSL days, and she's also a fellow Metro alum (from a few years earlier I suppose...).

I second the kudos... now if we could just get Millennium moving a bit faster on the Fleur-de-Lys at Arsenal and Jefferson!