Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow, Again

The snow is back again, and seems to be more beautiful this time. With the temperature so cold the snow has the powdery consistency that we don't normally get around here. This allows the crystals to shine a little more brilliantly from the bright street light across the street. And with the temperatures so cold there won't be any melting to ruin my pictures tomorrow, or basically the next 10 days. And my camera is now back in perfect working condition, so I shouldn't have any problems there (always keep soda away from your camera, especially when it's sitting in your front seat and a cup happens to tip over). Hopefully I'll have some pics to post tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Update 2-2-07 12:57 am
Looks like I didn't have time to get any pics besides a few in front of my house and of the arena construction at SLU. If I see anything good I'll post, but I doubt there is anything noteworthy. Looks like we could get a major snowstorm in the next Friday- Saturday time frame. Hopefully I can get something good then.

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